Who’s Dressing?


Who’s Dressing? Let’s compare preparing meat for a grocery store to a woman dressing for an occasion.  In a grocery store meat is carefully taken care of.  It is kept in the proper temperature, cut to specialty size, cleansed and packaged particularly in a way that will be appealing and not distracting.  If the meat package is open and some of the meat is exposed it is thrown in the garbage.

Since clothes are designed to fit a little tighter now.  Before we choose clothes try to look younger or in style we need to consider our shapes, size, colors and the occasion how much of our bodies do we want to reveal or expose to strangers.  Regardless of the occasion we want to dress our best to look our best whether if it’s for career, casual, business, evening or religious affair.   We should give the same care and considerations to our appearance that is given to meat before we step out and represent ourselves.  Ooh La La GA LA CAR. http://www.galacar.com Beauty is a Necessity and Not a Luxury.




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